4 Tips to Calm Someone Down with Dementia

Calm Senior Listening to Music

When it comes to caring for a senior loved one with dementia, there are many challenges involved. Often, the senior is experiencing a sense of extreme loss and is unable to process new information like they used to. It is common for all involved to feel anger, confusion, and sadness, especially when a senior finds themselves in a situation wherein, they become upset.

If this should happen, the best thing you can do is to try and change their behavior and calm them down properly and with appropriate methods. There are several effective strategies that we recommend that can help you restore calm to your senior. Let’s take a look at four helpful tips below.

  • Remove stressors to create a calmer environment. Eliminate any environmental triggers that can be distracting for your senior, like background noise and bright lights. You can also try moving your senior to a quieter place where they can feel safe. Try offering them an object that makes them feel secure or give them some privacy to rest.
  • Put their comfort above all else. Make sure your senior is not in any pain or discomfort. Ask them if they are hungry, have to use the restroom, are too cold or too hot, or would like to take a nap. When having conversations with them, be sensitive to their fears and frustrations.
  • When you notice signs of agitations, try to simplify the task or routine at hand. This means making their surroundings simpler. Move to a quieter space and reduce the number of non-essential items present. By removing bold patters and bright prints, this can decrease confusion and induce more calmness in the room. Add some more meaningful and personal items in the room instead so they feel more at peace.
  • Yes. Just say β€œyes” as much as you can. This is a seriously powerful and affirming word! When you say β€œyes” to your senior, you’re letting them know that you understand them and that you’re listening to their needs.

Caring Friends understands the obstacles that can stand in the way of helping a senior loved one cope with dementia. But we want you to know we are here for your family every step of the way. For further guidance and information about our senior care services, please reach out to our caregivers today to schedule your consultation.