Caring Friends is a Long Term Care Provider for Assisted Living Facilities in the Greater Philadelphia Region

Get our long term care services at an assisted living home on the Main Line and Center City Philadelphia and throughout the Delaware Valley

Caring Friends Home Care partners with senior housing communities such as Assisted Living and โ€œLifeplanโ€ continuing care retirement organizations partner to improve the resident experiences and outcomes.

We have decades of experience helping residents move in or transition between settings. Our professional Caregivers and case managers do whatever it takes to help an older adult remain safe and engaged following a hospital or rehab stay.

Caring Friends is a true partner to senior housing administrators. We ensure that everyone involvedโ€”the senior housing staff, the resident and their family, and the Caregiverโ€”is working together to find the best solution.

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Benefits of Preferred Provider Partnerships

Senior housing communities and their residents appreciate:

  • Consistent Caregivers trained in โ€œhouse rulesโ€ such as designated parking areas, sign-in systems and dress codes
  • Interdisciplinary teams working together with senior community staffers and family members to share information regarding care plans and update on changes in status
  • Highly-trained and credentialed Caregivers
  • Smoother transitions from hospitals back to the community or within levels of care
  • Improved medication adherence, reduced hospitalizations