Signs That a Loved One May Need Help

Have you noticed changes in the memory, habits or overall condition of a family member?
There may be cause for concern if a loved one …

Shows signs of physical changes:

Seems physically fragile or unsteady when standing

Has fallen more than once, with or without injury

Has lost or gained a significant amount of weight

Doesn’t take medications as prescribed

Often complains of feeling fatigued

Has soiled clothes, hair or bedding

Has stacks of bills, paperwork or unopened mail around the home

Has body odor or odors in the home

Has difficulty seeing or hearing well enough to communicate properly

Has unexplained injuries or bruises

Has many alcoholic beverage bottles in the trash

Has not adequately maintained the home

Shows signs of psychosocial changes:

Appears confused or forgetful

Appears anxious or depressed

Is unable to clearly explain things or describe needs

Shows mood or personality changes

checkbox.gif Is increasingly isolated and refuses to go out

checkbox.gif Refuses to go to the doctor or dentist

checkbox.gif Is newly suspicious of previously trusted relatives

checkbox.gif Has experienced deterioration of relationships with others

checkbox.gif Doesn’t remember asking about the same thing repeatedly

Experiences other significant life changes:

checkbox.gif Has suffered the loss of a spouse, child, partner or pet

checkbox.gif Has recently lost the right or the ability to drive

checkbox.gif Has had significant others move away

checkbox.gif Is no longer involved with friends, neighbors or community

If you see indications that a loved one may need assistance with personal care or other daily activities, please call Caring Friends Home Care at 484-532-5232 or e-mail us about your concerns and contact information. We listen to your individual needs and can offer a free phone consultation.