The Signs that Your Loved One is Ready for Long Term Senior Care

headshot of elderly woman with glasses sitting on a couch

Choosing the best care for yourself or the senior in your life can be a difficult decision. A healthy senior might feel most comfortable at home but can still need some assistance.

If this is the case, in-home senior care services may be a good option for you.

Quick Signs of Difficulty

In-home care allows seniors to maintain independence and live comfortably and familiarly in their own homes. You may be wondering what signs to look for in determining whether in-home senior care is best for you. Signs may include:

  • Recent accidents
  • Forgetfulness
  • Not leaving their house
  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of interest
  • Changes in cleanliness and organization

How Long-Term Care Can Help

If your loved one is having trouble getting around, an in-home care aide may be a wise decision. Aides are skilled in assisting seniors with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, exercising and running errands. This allows for the senior to comfortably go about their day with the necessary assistance to ensure their safety.

Forgetfulness can make it difficult for a senior to function alone in their home. This can be harmful to the senior’s wellbeing. Aides will make sure that everything in and around the house is turned off, that mail and messages have been checked, etc. If you have noticed a loved one not leaving the house lately, that could mean they are afraid to drive. An in-home care aide can provide transportation to places like the grocery store, hair appointments, the doctor’s office, church, etc.

Keep an eye out for low energy levels, withdrawn moods or lack of interest in activities, as this may be a sign of loneliness or depression. An in-home care aide can help by providing companionship and entertainment for the senior, which may go a long way in brightening their day and give them something with a consistent schedule to look forward to each week.

Lastly, an elderly person’s appearance and the condition of their household can signify a need for in-home care. Dirty clothes, disheveled appearances and messy homes can all be signs that a senior is in need of extra help grooming themselves and maintaining their living spaces.

Call Caring Friends to Learn More

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