Tips to Help Seniors Reduce Their Fall Risk

Caregiver Helping Senior Down Stairs

A senior falling should not be taken lightly, as they can be a significant health concern. With increasing age, the risk of a fall and injury becomes more probable, and the consequences of a fall can be life-altering and reduce a senior’s independence. It is a good idea to get to know what causes falling so you can take the necessary precautions to prevent a fall. As a senior, take these 10 tips so that you can lower your risk of a fall and prevent long-term damage as a result.

  1. Start your fall-prevention plan by setting an appointment with your doctor. They will likely ask you questions such as: What medications are you taking? Have you fallen before?
  2. Maintain your physical activity and stay in good health. Being active can reduce the risk of falls by boosting your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  3. No matter where you are going and for what reason, move carefully and don’t rush.
  4. Get rid of any obstacles from hallways, including boxes, newspapers, electrical cords, and phone cords.
  5. If you have any rugs in the home, secure them tightly double-faced tape, tacks, or a slip-resistant backing. Or you can remove them altogether.
  6. Consider installing railings in your home that you can grab to keep yourself stable.
  7. Nonslip mats in your bathtub or shower are a great idea. You can also use a bath seat to sit on while showering.
  8. If you have trouble with mobility, using a cane or walker can help.
  9. If there is something out of reach or requires a step stool, ask for help getting to it instead of trying to get it yourself.
  10. Keep rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen and hallways well-lit at night if you get up often.

If you should take a fall at any time, we always recommend seeing a doctor – even if the fall seems minor to you. It is best to avoid even small complications like fractures, that can go unnoticed. Be safe and consult a doctor to be sure you’re alright. They can even refer you to an occupational therapist to discuss further fall-prevention strategies. For more information or guidance on making your home safer, reach out to our caregivers here at Caring Friends at any time for your consultation. The thought of falling scary, but our senior care services can help you prevent it as much as possible. We want you to stay healthy and safe so you can keep living a great life!