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Ways for Seniors to Stay Active in Colder Months

It tends to be so much easier for seniors to stay active during the warmer season, like spring and summer, than it is when winter comes around. We get it – warmer temperatures mean it is more fun to get outdoors! But that does not mean the winter season has to be boring or you need to be inactive. Below, we are sharing our best tips for seniors to stay active this winter!

Bundle Up and Head Out

It is time to layer up! Just because it is colder outside now doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors all the time. You can still get out for some fresh air, just bundle up! Wear layers and remember your hat, gloves, and scarf. Make sure the sidewalks are shoveled and not icy.

Clean Up and Stay Indoors

If you just do not want to go out in the cold, we understand. Try getting active indoors instead! Tasks like organizing, doing laundry dusting, and vacuuming are good ways to work up a sweat. Cleaning around the house helps you to keep moving…and you get the added benefit of a clean home! If cleaning is not your idea of indoor fun, that is okay too. Instead, make some space for home workout equipment to get you moving inside.

Have a Game Day

As long as it is safe to do so, have some friends or family over for a game day (or night)! Being active is not just for physical activity, it is for your mind too! Stay mentally sharp and stimulated by playing board games, doing puzzles, or trying word games!

Join a Club

Stay both physically and mentally active when you take up a new hobby or interest with like-minded older adults! Check out local community groups, whether virtually or in-person, for classes or activities that match your interests.

Still in need of more fun tips to help keep your senior loved one active during the winter months? Reach out to our friendly caregivers here at Caring Friends! Our experts have great suggestions and are ready to help. Call us today and schedule your consultation to learn more about our senior care services.